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5 Reasons why students fail to perform in Maths

Mathematics rightly viewed possesses not only truth,but supreme beauty: Bertrand Russell

We can see that when students grow up the interest towards mathematics is decreasing.This is directly related to the performance of students.

It is quite natural that,when we are not able to perform in something, we lose our interest in that area.Mathematics is also not an exception to it.

The major reasons why students lose interest and marks in mathematics are

1.Fear of Failure

Students face mathematics with a perception that it is tough and confusing. And the students are worried about the grade or score in mathematics.

One can easily overcome these worries by closely and consistently working on the topics and practice.


Many students think that mathematics doesn't play an important role in their life.

And they believe that mathematics in not my cup of coffee

We should understand that like any other skill maths is also one skill which anybody can acquire with systematic work and practise. More importantly realise the importance of Maths in life and career.Mathematics is the key to new technology and digital world.

3.Lack of connection

We can connect concepts with our life , nature and find application in daily life.This will help students to stay motivated and interested towards the topic and subject.

Similarly connection and relation between the concepts is also important.For example Multiplication is repeated edition

4.Strong Foundation

Mathematics learning is like constructing a wall brick by brick.Similarly students should be clear about the concepts or previous ones to build the next level on the above.This is the reason why students struggle to calculate percentage,if they are not comfortable in multiplication or division

5,Teaching and learning

Yes , how the subject is taught,the conceptual and behavioural parameters decide how the learner is confident enough and how he performs.

Maths learning requires dedicated concentrated regular practice.If you are not getting these things from class room, you should take the support of teachers,online facilities etc. The doubts should be cleared at the earliest to proceed smoothly and swore high to the field of mathematics and score high in mathematics.

With little help and little effort anybody can perform in maths and Best wishes

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