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What can we learn from Ramanujan

"You are industrious, why do you use a slate when you have to do so many calculations? Why not paper ? Once Ramanujan's friend asked .

Ramanujan's sombre reply was, "When food itself is a problem, how can I find money for paper?" "I may require four reams of paper every month." Mystification induces awe, but the narrative's determination inspires. He did not give up, though he failed many times. For a generation yearning for independence and progress, Ramanujan was an inspiration.

Ramanujan's note book, which contained a unique family of identities that Srinivasa Ramanujan called "mock theta" functions, was written in 1920. Mathematicians use bizarre mock theta functions to explore how to make the internet more secure, 🔐 physicists use them to comprehend incomprehensible black holes and understand how fundamental particles interact with each other. Even after 100 years, Srinivasa Ramanujan keeps us motivated not only as a mathematical genius but also as a person who followed his passion even amidst adversities.

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