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Why a circle is divided into 360 degrees?

दवादश परधयश्चक्रमेकं तरीणि नभ्यानि क उ तच्चिकेत | तस्मिन साकं तरिशता न शङकवो.अर्पिताः षष्टिर्न चलाचलासः ||

( Rig veda 1.164.48 ) •dvādaśa pradhayaścakramekaṃ trīṇi nabhyāni ka u tacciketa | tasmin sākaṃ triśatā na śaṅkavo.arpitāḥ ṣaṣṭirna calācalāsaḥ || •Twelve {dvādaśa} are the major-spokes {pradhayaś}, and the wheel {cakram} is single {ekaṃ}; three {trīṇi} are the naves {nabhyā}. Who hath understood it {ka u tac ciketa}? On it are set together 360 spokes, which cannot be loosened {na calācalāsaḥ}. •Here the Wheel of Time with 12 spokes to define 12Rasi- zodiac signs is mentioned as having 360 sub-spokes for measuring each day of the year and each degree of movement •It is mentioned as having three naves (gears of modes of operation, to measure hours in a day, months in a year and zodiacal ages in a Great Year). The verse generate curiosity in the mind of reader or reciter asking if they have any understanding of it. •12 fellies represent twelve months in a year •360 spokes each represent a day. •3 naves represent three periods of a day

Indian astronomers observed that,the sun comesback to a point,by completing one circle after 360 days.Later on,they found that the days required to complete the circle is little more than 360 and it is 365.25 days. The persuit of accuracy is goin on. Division of circle into 360 degree is based on the observational astronomy. #cosmicmaths

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