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Three learnings from Ramanujan’s life

Understanding Ramanujan’s mathematics may be beyond your level. But how he built a name/ Brand out of his ability should be a model for every one

Self-taught and self-reliable

Ramanujan, born in 1887 at Erode, was always ahead of the formal education that was taught during his time. His passion for numbers took him far ahead and at a higher level.

His mastery of mathematical applications was completely independent of existing models. Every one should be self-motivated to learn and acquire expertise in their field.

Even after dropped out from college, Ramanujan was continuing his ‘explorations’ and innovations.

Surpassing rejections

Ramanujan wrote several letters to many mathematicians. But they all discarded the notes from Ramanujan, because they treated it as ‘crude’ methods! But Ramanujan worked more curiously and shaped his originality and made him unique. He was following his intuition and induction. Later, only G H Hardy-Professor in Cambridge identified and the genius in Ramanujan.

Gaining recognition takes patience and effort

When Ramanujan present theories and results without derivation and proofs many people thought he was just fooling them. In fact, even GH Hardy, who later developed a long association with Ramanujan thought like this.

It took years to build the trust and recognition. And Ramanujan the same college dropout became the second Indian member of Royal Society in 1918. And now on December 22nd we celebrate National mathematics day on his Birth day.

You should continue exploration and innovation for better future of the society.

Greetings on the eve of National mathematics day

Welcome you, Students | Teachers |Parents to join an Online quiz on Dec 22nd (anytime between 8am and 8pm IST)

P Devaraj

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